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DVD Menu and Packaging Design Template Set

Bulletin Board DVD Menu Template

The Bulletin Board template set includes main and chapter DVD menus in HD and SD along with matching disc labels, case inserts, and background images. You can create new looks and styles by adjusting layers, changing colors, editing text, and adding photos and videos.

Customer Feedback

"I like 100 Designer Text Templates a lot! 207 Designer Transitions is also well worth $50."
- Leo Mahoney, Mallard Video

"This is the perfect tool for high-volume videographers, where time is money. Choose a template, change the names and titles to match client, and produce/print. Done. Could literally save hours on each wedding."
- Jeff Pulera, Digital Vision Productions

"I bought the product Friday afternoon and used one of the items in a project on Sunday - a print project that had nothing to do with video. At 300 dpi, the design element was just what I needed. Because of the way these templates are set up, the opportunities are unlimited!"
- Deborrah Glenn-Long

"I thoroughly enjoy the menu templates; I love their ease of use. "
- Kathleen Schwenk, Rainy Day Productions

"I've been looking for something like this for a long time. There is just not enough material out there to do DVD labels and menus; it's like you have to make your own. But now there is some that you can use as a base; it's about time! It's all in the way it looks before you play it...
- Joseph Pierce

" I scream you scream we all scream for EYE SCREAM... yeah... great product!"
- Steve Dubrava, Perfect 10 Satellite Dist