Fix, Improve, and Restore Footage

The Boris Continuum Image Restoration Unit includes powerful filters for smoothing and softening image clips, removing flicker, repairing bad pixels, and removing aliasing from images. Mocha’s Academy Award-winning planar tracking & masking tools are now integrated inside almost every filter.

• Smooth skin and reduce blemishes
• Instantly fix flickering footage
• Reduce noise and remove damaged pixels
• Apply digital makeup
• Correct fish-eye lens distortion
• Includes 16 filters & 80+ presets
• Cross-host license
• Filters includes Mocha planar tracking & masking tools

Limited Time: Boris Continuum Image Restoration Unit for $149.50 – regularly $299

The following Boris Continuum Complete filters are included with your purchase:

Beauty Studio – NEW
Smooth skin and reduce blemishes; make your talent look better!

Dropout Fixer – NEW
Easily restore tape-based, damaged footage with field or frame dropouts.

Dust and Scratches
Remove unwanted dust and scratches.

DV Fixer
Remove diagonal staircasing from DV compression. Maintains overall sharpness.

Flicker Fixer
Repair flickering light or uneven shutter exposure.

Lens Correction
Remove or reduce lens distortion from a wide angle shot. Perfect for GoPro users.

Magic Sharp
Enhance and sharpen clips of any size, exposing fine details.

Motion Key
Isolate and remove a moving foreground object based on motion estimation.

Noise Reduction
Smooth out video noise using spatial and temporal information derived from a clip.

Optical Stabilizer
Produce a lock down stabilization effect or stabilize just a portion of a track to correct isolated camera bumps. Uses optical flow technology to analyze a shaky clip.

Pixel Fixer
Eliminate holes or dead pixels.

Reframe – NEW
Reformat and stylize vertical cell phone video footage into a standard 16 x 9 aspect ratio for broadcast.

Remover – NEW
Fill in missing pixels and remove objects with clone and auto-fill options.

Smooth Tone
Apply noise to each RGB color channel independently.

Uprez source clips (SD to HD, HD to 4K) with superior results.

Wire Remover
Remove wires and unwanted objects by cloning or blending pixels together from surrounding areas.

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The Boris Continuum Image Restoration Unit supports:

• Avid Media Composer v8.x, v7, or v6.5 for Mac or Win
• Adobe After Effects CC 2017, CC 2015.x, CC 2014, CC, or CS6 for Mac or Win
• Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017, CC 2015.x, CC 2014, CC, or CS6 for Mac or Win
• Apple Final Cut Pro X v10.1 or higher
• Apple Motion v5.1 or higher
• DaVinci Resolve Studio and DaVinci Resolve v12.x or v11
• NUKE v10.x
• Sony VEGAS Pro v13