Generate lightning bolts and plasma arcs or simulate production lights, projectors, or stage lighting. Produce stunning volumetric lighting effects such as Rays, Radiants, Rings, and Ripples. Create cinematic looks, stylish broadcast design elements, and beautiful transitions with Lens Flare 3D. And add sparkle with glitters, glares, and glints. Integrated Academy Award-winning Mocha planar tracking and masking facilitates advanced finishing work without leaving your timeline. Includes 21 filters and over 300 presets.

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The Boris Continuum Lights Unit includes these filters:

Edge Lighting
Apply light to edges based on pixel-to-pixel differences in any chosen channel in the source image.

Produce a sharp reflection using a luminance map based on bright areas

Add sparkle or ray bursts using a luminance map based on bright areas.

Add glitter or sparkle using a luminance map based on bright areas.

Laser Beam
Add visible light beams. Includes an auto-animating fog generator.

Lens Flare 3D
A fast and realistic lens flare plug-in that includes 75+ presets inspired by real world footage. Design and animate lens flares with integrated motion tracking or the integrated, audio-driven Beat Reactor.

Light Leaks
Simulate the visual effect of light leaking through gaps in a camera and partially exposing the sensor.

Light Sweep
Add a linear line beam that sweeps across your image or text.

Add photo-realistic lightning bolts and plasma streams that automatically flash and move.

Rays Cartoon
Add a cartoon-like edge of light to your footage.

Rays Puffy
Add soft, puffy beams of light spreading from a single source point.

Rays Radiant Edges
Add light to the edges of an image.

Rays Radiant Spotlight
Use a spotlight to matte a light source or rendered light. Combines a light ray and spotlight filter.

Rays Ring
Generate a ring of light by masking a light source.

Rays Ripply
Add 3D volumetric lighting with a rippled surface effect.

Rays Streaky
Produce a light that streaks across your footage in all directions.

Rays Textured
Create a textured light using a noise map pattern.

Rays Wedge
Create a wedge-shape light by matting the source.

Reverse Spotlight
Precisely define a difficult-to-light area.

Generate a realistic spotlight aimed at a specific target point.

Stage Light
Generate 3D volumetric lighting with control over visible light levels and other real world attributes.