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25 Reasons to Buy HitFilm 3 Pro

1. Designed for you: HitFilm 3 Pro combines depth and complexity with an intuitive simplicity. There are features for beginners and experts alike. Everything is here, from editing and 3D compositing to particle effects, professional keying and 3D object rendering.

2. Be your own studio: Be an editor, VFX artist and colorist at the same time. HitFilm 3 Pro merges professional 3D compositing and over 180 effects with its editing tools.

3. A smarter timeline: Switching between your edit and visual effects shots is as quick as changing tabs in your web browser.

4. Better than reality: Think bigger than the real world. Create entirely digital scenes and redesign your shots using advanced 3D compositing techniques.

5. Your new VFX studio: Play with over 180 effects, each of which can be pulled apart, altered and put back together again to create something entirely new. HitFilm 3 Pro is a toolkit for constructing your ideas.

6. The bigger picture: HitFilm 3 Pro includes 130 premium plugins for Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Vegas and After Effects. HitFilm technology is designed to work for you, wherever and whenever you need it.

7. Live 3D model rendering: Light, animate and render 3D objects on your timeline. Super fast GPU rendering keeps your productivity high, even while jumping between your edit and complex 3D scenes.

8. Professional greenscreen removal: Advanced chroma key, matte cleaning, spill suppression and auto light wrap combine with sophisticated 2D and 3D layering to create greenscreen composites so realistic your audience will never even know.

9. Advanced particle simulation: Fleets of spaceships, sprawling cityscapes, flocks of birds, asteroid fields, a hail of arrows, a squadron of fighter jets, snow and rain, smoke and dust. Create them all in full 3D with advanced physics and total customization.

10. OpenFX plugins compliant: You can never have too many effects. That’s why HitFilm 3 Pro is an expandable platform with OpenFX compatibility, so that you can use your favorite plugins from other developers.

11. Unified 3D space: Your layers exist in a unified 3D space. Push a 3D object through a genuinely 3D particle cloud. Sit your greenscreen actor inside the cockpit of a 3D helicopter. No tricks. No wrestling with the render order. It just works.

12. Organic particle shapes: Create awe-inspiring particle clouds based on 2D shapes or 3D geometry, then warp them into organic forms with extensive fractal distortion. You can even mix in an audio clip to automate the animation.

13. Repair broken footage: Remove unwanted digital grain from your videos, fix jello-vision caused by rolling shutter cameras, stabilize jittery hand-held shots and remove distortion from fisheye lenses.

14. Correct your colors: Instantly match footage shot on different cameras, fix white balance issues and adjust for changes in lighting. HitFilm 3 Pro gives you fine control over your visuals, ensuring your footage looks its best.

15. Look spectacular: HitFilm 3 Pro’s professional color grading kit is packed with over 30 tools designed to make your movies look incredible, from subtle enhancements to dramatic stylistic statements.

16. Tracking for every situation: HitFilm 3 Pro’s multiple tracking options keep your camera moving even when there are complex digital elements in the shot.

17. Academy-Award winning planar tracking: A special version of mocha 4.0 is included with HitFilm 3 Pro, delivering industry-ready mask tracking and 3D camera solving. No more tedious rotoscoping.

18. Fire and lightning: Procedurally generated fire and lightning with accurate behavior and appearance can be further enhanced with heat distortion and post-processed lighting effects.

19. An infinity of weapons: HitFilm 3 Pro’s gunfire effect generates an endless variety of muzzle flashes, from pistols to mini-guns. Unlike pre-rendered stock, these can be rotated in full 3D to work from any angle.

20. More than just a lens flare: Mix and adjust flares, anamorphic streaks, light leaks, sparkling highlights, volumetric 3D light rays and high quality glows to enhance your cinematography.

21. Retro glitch: Grunge effects make your video look like old film stock, or a bad television signal. Break up your playback with jitters and stutters, introduce flicker and grain or even add procedural dirt to your camera lens.

22. Motion design & titling: Creating your opening titles in HitFilm 3 Pro ensures that you’ll hook your audience right from the start. From titling to animated idents and promos, HitFilm 3 Pro’s motion graphics tools will get the job done.

23. 3D camera projection: Take an ordinary 2D photo and convert it to a projected, photoreal 3D scene complete with camera movement.

24. Professional formats: HitFilm 3 Pro’s 16-bit color pipeline and OpenEXR support ensures the best possible quality for your projects. Shoot with your smartphone or on a 4K professional camera.

25. Less waiting, more creating: On fast machines you enjoy real time playback thanks to 64-bit architecture and GPU-acceleration. More complex shots are proxied in the background while you keep working.

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