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ColorSynth Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a free trial of ColorSynth?
Yes, register here to download a free 30-day trial.

What does a licence include?
A purchase of 1 ColorSynth licence is for the full functionality of the plug-in, for a single seat, with no expiry.

Can I transfer my licence to a different machine?
Yes, each licence is issued with an Access Code. You can revoke the licence on one machine, and enter the Access Code on another machine to activate it there.

What platforms and software is ColorSynth available for?
ColorSynth is available for macOS and Windows and works in Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Premiere Pro, and After Effects.

What is the minimum OS and hardware recommended for ColorSynth?
Minimum System Requirements: macOS 10.13.2 or later; Windows 10; 8GB RAM; OpenCL or CUDA-capable graphics card or Intel HD Graphics 3000 or later; 2GB VRAM; AMD Radeon RX 580 graphics card recommended; 3.8GB hard disk space.

Where can I find a User Guide for ColorSynth?
The ColorSynth User Guide is available here

Where can I find Tutorials for ColorSynth?
Tutorials can be found on the ColorSynth YouTube channel

Where can I get Support for ColorSynth?
Most questions about ColorSynth are answered via the FAQs, User Guide, and Tutorials. If you have a question that isn’t answered there, or to report an issue, please email support@codex.online

How can I tell if parameters for a Layer have been changed?
When parameters are changed the on/off toggle for the Layer turns blue. In a Modifier any parameters that have been changed, the parameters values will then be underlined in blue, allowing you to quickly know what has been changed on a layer.

Can I change the order of Layers or Modifiers within them?
The order of Layers/Modifiers is fixed, but designed to provide a high degree of flexibility to handle difficult grading scenarios.

What order are the Layers and Modifiers applied in?
Images cascade through the Layers from top to bottom: Input Grade, Selections, Unselected, Color EQ, SMH, and Output Grade. Within each Layer, the image goes through the Modifiers from top to bottom in the order shown.

Why are the colors shown in a hexagon rather than a wheel?
The color hexagon is a more accurate representation of the internal color models used.

How do I load a ColorSynth look from one machine to another?
ColorSynth looks can be saved as .cslook files and loaded from one machine to another using the Main Menu.

Can I do A/B comparisons with ColorSynth?
Yes, ColorSynth provides an A/B Image Comparison tool, for comparing a source and reference image for matching, with a wipe and side by side comparison view.

How do I use the sampler tools in ColorSynth?
Click on the top bar of the ColorSynth effect (so it is highlighted in yellow) in order to use the sampler tools.

Where can I find my licence details if I need them?
You licence details can be found under Main Menu of ColorSynth at the top of the effects panel. Click and select Licence.

Where can I get the latest version of ColorSynth?
You can download the latest version here

How do I copy a look between clips?
You can save and load ColorSynth looks as .cslook files. There is also a Snapshots panel that allows quick access to up to 12 looks. Each clip stores it’s own settings for the look (modifying the look on one clip will not modify another).

Can I get a licence without an internet connection?
An internet connection is normally required to get a licence. Please email support@codex.online if you have problems getting a licence.

How do I un-install ColorSynth?
On Mac the folder /Library/Application Support/Codex/ColorSynth contains an uninstall script. On Windows, run the installer again and use the Uninstall option.

Do you have User Guides in other languages?
The ColorSynth User Guide is currently only available in English.

What is the difference between Selection panel and Color EQ?
Selection is for general changes to six floating presets of color that the software provides but Color EQ is for more detailed and specific adjustments.

Do I have to feed Log footage only to the ColorSynth?
No, what is powerful about ColorSynth is that it can work efficiently on footage with baked-in color and still get great results from it.

What’s exclusive about ColorSynth?
ColorSynth is using a unique underlying math which makes it extremely fast to process footages and also introduces minimum amounts of spatial artifacting even when the user has done radical adjustments to the image.

Can I use ColorSynth to edit photos?
Yes, you can use ColorSynth’s unique math to edit your photos, however your maximum resolution would be bound to what your host application can process.

Can I compare different versions of my grade with each other?
Yes, you can compare up to 12 different grades of the same image.

Does each layer have a fixed opacity/mix?
Each layer has a variable “mix” from 0 to 100 which gives you the ability to make subtle changes or tone down each layer’s effect on the image.


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