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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the catch?
There is no catch! The bundle gives you full versions of all included applications for just $199.95. BoinxTV alone is regularly $499 - and the Boris Continuum 3D Objects Unit is $399! Even if you want just one of these applications, this bundle will save you a bunch!

How long will the MacVideo Promo Holiday bundle be offered?
The bundle will be available through January 6, 2013.

Which Mac host applications does the Boris Continuum 3D Objects Unit support?
• Apple Final Cut Pro X and Apple Final Cut Pro v7.x
• Apple Motion 5
• Adobe After Effects CS6, CS5.5, CS5, and CS4
• Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
• Avid Media Composer v6.x or v5.x

Which Mac host applications does Martini support?
Martini supports Apple Final Cut Pro X as well as Apple Final Cut Pro 7.

How about BoinxTV?
BoinxTV is a standalone application for recording presentations, lectures, video podcasts, sports, concerts, sermons, and more.

Do these applications also work with Windows?
With the exception of BoinxTV, the entire bundle is also available for Windows. On Windows, the Boris Continuum 3D Objects Unit supports Adobe After Effects (CS6, CS5.5, CS5, and CS4), Adobe Premiere Pro (CS6), and Sony Vegas Pro (v12, v11, and v10), and PowerProduction Martini supports Adobe Permiere Pro CS5.5, CS5, and CS4. 

Even without BoinxTV, the Windows bundle is a great value. The Boris Continuum 3D Objects Unit alone is regularly $399! Get it Now

Are updates planned?
The bundle includes the latest and greatest versions of all included applications! And a few free updates are planned:

• BoinxTV v1.9 is scheduled for release soon. The current version of BoinxTV is v1.8.4. Version 1.8.4 officially supports Lion and Snow Leopard, but in our testing, it works well with Mountain Lion, too. Version 1.9 will officially support Mountain Lion. If you purchase the MacVideo Promo Holiday Bundle, then you will be able to download the BoinxTV v1.9 update for free when it is available. The BoinxTV Serial Number you receive as part of this bundle will work with v1.9. We will notify you when BoinxTV v1.9 is available.

• PowerProduction Software will be releasing an updated version of Martini for Windows that supports Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 as well as Avid. If you purchase the Holiday Bundle for Windows, you will receive this update for free, and we will notify you when it is available.

Tell me more about the included Class on Demand Black Card?
The Class on Demand Black Card offers 2-year access to any one video-based training package from Class on Demand's catalog - up to a $200 value! You can choose from an extensive list of software titles that cover various topics such as editing, lighting, graphics, animation, cameras, and more. Each training title comes packed with tips and techniques from industry experts that will teach you all you need to know about the software title. Class on Demand also offers sample chapters that will help you decide which package to choose.

How can I contact you?
E-Mail info@macvideopromo.com. You will receive a prompt response during business hours. We are based in Philadelphia, PA (USA).

What is the return policy?
The time-limited discount offered via this bundle is substantial and no refunds are available.Please feel free to download free-functioning trial versions of BoinxTV and the Boris Continuum 3D Objects Unit before making your purchase:

BoinxTV 5-day Trial Version

Boris Continuum 3D Objects Unit 14-day Trial Version

The following resources may also be useful in making your purchase:

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Class on Demand website

VideoBlocks website

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