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Frequently Asked Questions - Boris RED

Which host applications does Boris RED support?

How does Boris RED compare with Boris FX and Boris Graffiti?
Boris RED includes all Boris FX and Boris Graffiti features in one user interface and adds many additional features.

View this chart for a complete comparison:


Own Boris FX, Graffiti, Avid FX, or an older version of RED? Upgrade to Boris RED v5.5 for just $199: 


Is Boris RED is a plug-in or a standalone application?
When you purchase Boris RED, you receive RED as a plug-in as well as a standalone application (the "RED Engine"). Many customers use the RED plug-in for creating complex transitions in their video editing timeline while using the RED Engine for multi-layered composites and complex title animations that do not require timeline video. With RED, you're not limited to one workflow — integrated effects creation — or the other — standalone effects creation. RED offers the ability to create effects inside the timeline of a video editing application where it's easiest, then lets you export those effects for rendering in the standalone RED Engine when it's convenient. It's up to you.

How is using Boris RED different than using a standalone composting application?
Boris RED is available directly inside your editing application.  This allows you to avoid the challenges and potential frustrations of exporting media from your editing application, to other external applications, only to return the finished effects back to your editing application.   With RED, all effects creation takes places inside your video editing application - and you only have to render once.

Is it easy to get started with Boris RED?
Boris RED reduces your learning curve for building effects to virtually zero by offering a diverse collection of over 1,500 customizable preset effects. View animated previews of every effect in RED's Library Browser, quickly accessible via a button in the RED timeline. Preset effects can be customized and combined with other effects. The customizable presets allow you to use new features right away - while gaining expertise to build your own. You can add your own presets to the Library at any time.

How are orders fulfilled? 
You will receive a download link and serial number via e-mail immediately upon placing your order.  

When will this offer end?
This offer will be available through November 20, 2015.

How can I contact you? 
Fill out this formYou will receive a prompt response during business hours (9:00am until 5:00pm, Eastern Time).

What is the return policy?
The time-limited discount offered via this bundle is substantial and no refunds are available. Please feel free to download a free, full-functioning trial version of Boris RED before making your purchase: http://www.borisfx.com/support/downloads/?action=esd_red


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