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Frequently Asked Questions - EditShare Ultra

I am located outside of the United States. Can I take advantage of this offer?
If you are interested in EditShare Ultra and you are located outside the United States, please contact EditShare at sales@editshare.com.

How long does it take to ship an Ultra?
EditShare will begin building your system immediately upon receipt of your order. In around 7 to 10 business days, your order will ship via UPS Ground from Massachusetts. As part of your order from MacVideo Promo, you receive free UPS Ground shipping.

How many editing systems can I connect to an EditShare Ultra?
EditShare Ultra includes 2 X Gigabit ports that you can directly connect to 2 editing systems with CAT-6 cable (not included). You can connect up to 4 editing systems with the addition of a low-cost Gigabit switch that supports Jumbo Frames. For example, the NETGEAR GS108 switch would be a fine choice; you could use four of the ports to connect editing systems; two of the ports to connect your EditShare Ultra; and you would have an extra two ports to add a second EditShare Ultra in the future.

How does EditShare Ultra compare to other EditShare storage configurations?
Standard features across EditShare's shared storage models include hardware RAID protection; enterprise hard drives; media and project sharing support for Avid, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Lightworks; guaranteed real-time “edit in place” performance; the EditShare Sync Tool for sending media to another EditShare system over a network or Internet connection; and simple administration tools that don’t require any IT expertise. You can expand any EditShare shared storage system by adding additional EditShare shared storage servers and creating an Extreme Scalable Architecture (ESA) group.

What is Project Sharing?
When you store your NLE projects on EditShare storage, multiple editors will be able to work in the same projects simultaneously. That means they can safely open up each other's bins and sequences and edit as a team with one editor building on the work of another. While unlimited editors can get read-only access to bins and other metadata files, EditShare makes sure only one editor at a time gets write access. EditShare does this not only for Avid, but also for Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, EDIUS, and Lightworks.

Can I see a demo of EditShare before I purchase?
Sure! Please fill out this shared storage questionnaire, and our sister organization, 76 Media Systems, will contact you to set up a private web demo. 

How much usable storage does the EditShare Ultra include?
With hardware RAID-5 protection, you have access to around 12TB of usable storage with the 16TB configuration or around 18TB of usable storage with the 24TB configuration.

What are the specs of the Ultra hardware?

How much does an Ultra weigh?
Each Ultra system weighs less than 20 pounds.

What are the dimensions of the Ultra?

What are the electrical and environmental specs of the Ultra?

How long will the EditShare Ultra deal last?
We have access to a limited number of EditShare units at this price.

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