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Frequently Asked Questions - Fall Bundle

How are orders fulfilled?
You will receive download links and serial numbers immediately upon placing your order.

When does this offer expire?
Our Fall Bundle is available through November 28, 2017.

What does the bundle include?
The bundle includes the latest versions of the Boris Continuum Film Style Unit (v11), Sorenson Squeeze Desktop Lite (v11), and PowerProduction Martini (v3). 

Which host applications does the Boris Continuum Film Style Unit support?
The Boris Continuum Film Style Unit supports Avid Media Composer, Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Motion, DaVinci Resolve, NUKE, and VEGAS Pro. Please note that v11 currently supports Avid Media Composer, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premiere Pro. For Apple Final Cut Pro, Motion, DaVinci Resolve, NUKE, and VEGAS Pro, you will receive v10 now, and v11 as a free upgrade when it is available.

Which filters are included with the Boris Continuum Film Style Unit?
• BCC Film Process
• BCC Film Glow
• BCC Vignette
• BCC Two Strip Color
• BCC Match Grain
• BCC Film Grain
• BCC Film Damage
• BCC Deinterlace

Do I need to own Boris Continuum Complete in order to use the Film Style Unit?
No. All you need is a compatible host application (listed above).

What's new in the Boris Continuum Film Style Unit?
The Academy Award-winning Mocha planar tracking and masking engine is now integrated inside the Boris Continuum Film Style Unit, allowing editors to do more advanced finishing work without leaving their timeline. 

Which video formats does Squeeze v11 Lite support?
Squeeze v11 Lite supports FLV, M4V, MP4, and WebM.

What's new in Squeeze v11 Lite?
• Import Sequenced Still Image Files (.jpg & .tif)
• Multi-Track Audio (.mov)
• Removal of output Frame Rate restrictions (via Source file info Dialog)
• Updated H.264

Which host applications does Martini support?
Martini supports Media Composer, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro,  and VEGAS Pro.

How easy is it to make a shot in Martini QuickShot? 
It's very easy. Martini comes with hundreds of Shot Types preloaded in the program, so all you have to do is pick your shot and the characters will be placed automatically into position.  Whether you want a Medium Shot, Close-Up, Two Shot, or any other configuration, Martini has it included.  Martini also provides Multi-Shot Sequences, so you can get that chase scene, restaurant order, or board meeting perfect with minimal effort!  Of course, once your Shots are generated, you can adjust as much or as little as you'd like!  Martini allows complete freedom and ease for creating your slugs and shots.  

Can I use my own digital photos in Martini QuickShot? 
Martini allows you to use your digital photos as backgrounds with a simple import window.  You can even keep your Location pictures organized within Martini for easy access in the future!  You can use your own footage too!  Create your Martini Shot Sequence and overlay it atop your footage so you can get the perfect plan for your shots.  

What's new in Martini v3?
• Props. Accentuate your scene with Martini’s all-new props. Choose from hundreds of everyday objects such as vehicles, furniture, food, and animals.

• New Resizable Interface.
Martini’s new user interface allows you to expand your workspace, giving you more power and flexibility in pre-visualizing your scenes.

• Hundreds of Backgrounds.
V3 includes hundreds of all-new exterior and interior locations that are optimized for storyboarding, providing the perfect background for your pre-vis sequences. Plus, it is easier than ever to add your own digital art and photos.

• Add-on Characters, Props, Locations, and More.
On top of all the great-looking graphics that are included with Martini, over 20 new add-on libraries are now available, dramatically expanding your options for customization. Add-On Character Libraries provide the option of integrating different genres, ethnicities, and artistic styles while Add-On Prop Libraries give more detail to your shots and scenes.

• Free “Stand-In” Character Library ($20 Value).
When you haven't settled on the features of your main characters but still need to create cinematic shots, the Stand-In library lets you show off your cinematic vision while leaving your casting options wide open. The library includes 6 colorable characters in 6 poses, 3 elevations, and 8 rotations.

How can I contact you?
Send us an e-mail at info@macvideopromo.com. You will receive a prompt response during business hours. We are based in Philadelphia, PA (USA)..


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