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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn StoryBoard Quick? 
StoryBoard Quick's learning curve is extremely short. You can be productive within minutes of installing the software.

Can I use my own pictures or photographs? 
Yes! In fact, users find it very valuable to import actual location-scout images.This is easy using a digital camera. StoryBoard Quick can import pictures for use as items in the frame including characters, props, and backgrounds. You can take locations with a digital camera or search the Internet for location pictures. All items, including imports, can be easily layered, moved, and edited individually without disturbing your frame composition. Set your shots with Quick images and then go find your real locations and substitute the pictures.

It's not just easy; it stimulates your creativity!

Where do I put my text or scripts? 
Each frame in a storyboard usually has captions or text areas attached. You can import your script or type directly into your caption window(s). When importing text that has been saved from a script formatting program, new frames are automatically created, ready for images to be added. Frames can be inserted and deleted as needed to expand some scenes and shorten others.

Tell me more about the included Class on Demand Black Card?

The Class on Demand Black Card offers 2-year access to any one video-based training package from Class on Demand's catalog - up to a $200 value! You can choose from an extensive list of software titles that cover various topics such as editing, lighting, graphics, animation, cameras, and more. Each training title comes packed with tips and techniques from industry experts that will teach you all you need to know about the software title. Class on Demand also offers sample chapters that will help you decide which package to choose.

How can I contact you? 
E-Mail info@macvideopromo.com. You will receive a prompt response during business hours. We are based in Philadelphia, PA (USA).

What is the return policy?
The time-limited discount offered via this bundle is substantial and no refunds are available.


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