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Mocha Pro for Avid Tutorials

Replace Screens in Avid Media Composer with Mocha Pro
Replacing monitors and cell phones is made easy with Mocha! Mary Poplin shows how complex motion tracking and compositing is made simple with the Mocha Pro AVX plug-in for Avid. Mocha Pro can track through difficult motion, such as objects that go offscreen. Avid video tracks can be set as insert layers and rendered with motion blur for a realistic effects composite. Do advanced effects shots directly on your timeline!

How to Remove a Boom Mic Using Mocha Pro & Avid Media Composer
Mary Poplin shows you how to use the Mocha Pro AVX plug-In inside Avid Media composer to remove a boom mic. Mocha Pro’s powerful Remove Module uses planar motion tracking and “temporal frames” to automatically remove unwanted objects.

Mocha Pro: Simplifying Complex Removes
In this brief tutorial, Mary Poplin shows you how to quickly “remove a puppet rig” using Mocha Pro’s Remove Module. Simplify object removes by isolating foreground shapes to create clean background pixels and automatically remove wires. Mary explains Mocha’s layer order to allow tracked layers to track through occlusions.


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