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Primatte Studio Highlights


Primatte Studio is a 3D keyer that automatically analyzes chroma and luminance information in your source shot to generate the base key. The result of the initial key is a 3D color cube that can be easily refined to produce the final key matte using Primatte’s powerful built-in tools.


Sometimes generating a key that simply removes green or blue screen isn’t enough. You might have shots with props, boom stands, tracking markers, etc. that won’t be removed with the initial key matte. Luckily, you’ve got the Academy Award-winning Mocha module integrated directly within Primatte Studio. Use the Mocha Outside Mask Shape option to create and track multiple mask shapes to easily remove any non-keyable objects from the scene. Or use the Mocha Inside Mask Shape to protect tricky reflections like earrings, watches or other jewelry from the key matte.


Generating key mattes often requires a wide range of tools. Primatte Studio’s all-in-one approach provides you with every tool you need. The specially-designed toolbar is laid out to walk you through each step needed to generate a perfect matte and composite a clean, realistic shot.


Almost every filter in Continuum includes a handy Compare Mode. Primatte Studio offers users even more with the ability to view any stage of the keyer in either the left or right side of the viewer. Display the in-progress matte on one side, while viewing the final composited result on the other.


It’s difficult to see fine pixel data at the extremes of the matte range. You may think you’ve successfully creating a robust matte, when in reality you haven’t. To help refine your matte key confidently and accurately, Primatte Studio includes an interactive feature called Matte Status. The feature gives you a clear picture of which pixels in the matte are not at either 0 or 100 percent opaque using white to represent fully opaque pixels, black to represent transparent pixels, and mid-grey to represent semi-transparent pixels.


How often do you get footage to key out that is perfectly and evenly lit? Just about never, right? Primatte Studio has your back with the Adjust Light feature. Adjust Light allows you to even out the background lighting of a shot before working on the key itself, making it easier to clean the background from any extraneous semi-transparent pixels. Say yes to cleaner and more robust final composites.


Neutralize that spill! Don’t let light bouncing off your green/blue screen and into the foreground ruin your composite. Primatte Studio includes the best spill controls in the industry, making eliminating any background spill an easy task.


Primatte Studio’s algorithms can easily handle just about any source shot, but occasionally it still needs a human touch before it’s ready for your final composite. Further tweak your matte manually with refinement tools like soften, shrink, grow, gamma, and choke. Pull a perfect matte key from even the most difficult shots.


It goes without saying that your green/blue screen footage was shot under different lighting conditions than your background footage. To create a believable, final composite, Primatte Studio includes a comprehensive suite of color correction tools to color balance your foreground image quickly and easily.


High-end compositors know the importance of a light wrap — and it typically takes a lot of steps. Primatte Studio’s Light Wrap features does all the heavy-lifting for you with a few simple clicks. This final finishing step ensures your background image is not simply mirrored over the edges of the foreground, but is added in a way that brings a touch of background color to the edge of the foreground, delivering a seamless composite.


Primatte Studio’s Hybrid Mode is a unique and useful tool when you’ve exhausted all other options. Most users will never need to reach for this tool since Primatte’s algorithms are second-to-none, but if you’re struggling to generate the result you need, Hybrid Mode will be the difference between generating a usable key or having to


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