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Reasons to Buy EditShare Ultra


Ultra Powerful
With four 7,200 RPM enterprise class SATA drives, Ultra can support 6 streams of ProRes HQ/DNxHD 220 Mbit video, 8 streams of ProRes 422/DNxHD 145 Mbit video, or 24 streams of XDCAM/HDV/DV 25 Mbit video.

Full Project and Media Sharing
Every Ultra includes EditShare’s renowned Project Sharing feature that supports entire groups of editors working in the same Non-Linear Editing project simultaneously. Whether you use Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, EDIUS, or Lightworks Pro, Ultra lets your whole workgroup collaborate on both media and projects.

Flow Media Asset Management Included
Every Ultra system includes two floating licenses for EditShare's Flow media asset management software. With Flow, you can perform file ingest from digital cameras and P2 or XDCAM devices direct from your workstation or laptop into Ultra’s storage, or use Flow Browse to log, annotate, and search for all your clips.

Ultra Small
Ultra is small enough to sit on a corner of a desk and not get in the way. 

Ultra Quiet
Ultra has been engineered to be nearly silent - quiet enough to sit a few feet away from you in the editing room. The average sound level is under 45 decibels.

Ultra Affordable
For a limited time, we are offering EditShare Ultra configurations starting at just $5,995.

Cost-effective, Powerful Ethernet Connectivity
With Ultra, users can make direct connections between workstations or laptops and the two on-board Gigabit Ethernet ports, or combine the bandwidth of the two Ethernet ports and connect them to a low-cost switch to connect up to four clients.

File-level Sharing 
Ultra includes NAS capabilities that control locking at the file level, allowing multiple editors to write to the same volume simultaneously – crucial for efficient workflows.

Extreme Scalability
EditShare’s Extreme Scalable Architecture (ESA) allows connecting multiple Ultra units together on a single network, or connecting an Ultra unit to other rack-mounted EditShare servers, where they all just appear as a single storage pool.

Sync Tool
Like other EditShare shared storage systems, Ultra includes the unique Sync Tool that allows one EditShare storage server to synchronize files with another EditShare server at a different location. The files can be sent over the Internet via any standard VPN connection. This opens up the possibility of using Ultra in a remote or satellite office and maintaining a connection with a larger server back at home base.

Optimized Linux Foundation
Ultra runs on a rock-solid Linux OS that has been optimized for media workflows.

Intuitive Administration Tools
Although the technology behind every EditShare system is highly complex and sophisticated, the front-end Administration tools make it very easy to create user accounts and spaces for media and projects, and to then assign different user rights to the various spaces. Managing an EditShare system is simple enough to be handled by a senior editor.

Dynamically Resizable Spaces
EditShare Ultra “spaces” are virtual volumes that can be enlarged or shrunk with a few simple clicks, allowing editors to better manage projects and storage needs.

Deletion Security Controls
Set privileges such as who can delete files and when. Deleted material can first be moved to “Trash” so that it is possible to “Undo” a deletion if a file is deleted by accident.


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