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Top 10 Reasons to Buy mocha Pro

1. Increased Work Speed. The mocha Pro plug-in allows you to go back & forth between mocha and your host easily - and reading from the timeline is lightning fast. Just apply the mocha Pro plug-in and launch mocha; there is no need to set up aspect ratios, frame rates, or resolutions. This means less margin for error, less clicks, and less details to worry about, allowing you to focus on your comp.

2. Load Host Media. The mocha Pro plug-in reads directly from the host; this means no more black frames & no more media loading in your host but not in mocha. It also means no rendering out different formats just so you can track your shot. If your host software can read your footage, so can mocha.

3. Rendering Not Necessary. The mocha Pro plug-in has a non-destructive read and write workflow that simply renders to your timeline. You don’t need to render passes and load them into your host any longer; the plug-in is seamlessly integrated into your edit or your comp no matter what module you are using.

4. Easy Access Modules. All of your favorite mocha Pro modules are right there in the plug-in: stabilize, remove, and insert are just a few clicks away.

5. Expand your Toolbox. For many users, the mocha Pro plug-in allows you to create effects that would be difficult any other way. For instance, a true corner pinned grid warp is very difficult in Adobe After Effects, but the grid warp tool in the plug-in’s insert module makes this a snap.

6. Plays Well with Others. The mocha Pro plug-in interacts with other After Effects plug-ins like mettle Sky Box; simply pre-compose the effect, move all attributes into the composition, and apply the mocha Pro plug-in to the new pre-comp. In Nuke, simply attach the mocha Pro plug-in after a merge node to read altered source footage.

7. Match Original Plates. Isolating effects into mattes is pretty robust in the mocha Pro plug-in, allowing you to use the compositing tools inside your host platform to apply lens blurs or grains to removes, lighting changes to inserts, and more!

8. Access to Tracking. The mocha Pro plug-in gives you access to your tracking data right in the effects panel. Simply link your data back in the plug-in with expressions and keep on compositing. No copy and paste needed.

9. Compositing for Editors. The mocha Pro plug-in adds advanced finishing and compositing techniques for both Avid editors and Premiere Pro editors. Now editors don’t have to be limited by the compositing scope of their tools.

10. Same Universal Exports. You can still export all of the other formats found in the standalone mocha Pro right from the mocha Pro plug-in. An Avid editor might start a basic mask or insert in their timeline and then send the project to an AE artist for more refinement, but the mocha file type and file exports are just as comprehensive as they have always been. Export your mocha file, copy and paste your tracking and shape data, and collaborate with other artists. All your tools are right where you need them.


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