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VisEDIT for Windows

$199.00 $299.00

VisEDIT for Windows

$199.00 $299.00

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With VisEDIT video editing software, video editing is no longer complicated. VisEDIT makes it fast and easy with a simple interface, real-time preview, transitions, effects, professional title creation and more.

  • Simple interface, clear at a glance – Video editing is no longer complicated
  • Classified templates, real-time preview – Experience fast and easy creation
  • Cool transition, rich special effects – Programming gets completed instantly
  • Professional title creation, massive templates – Easy application
  • Quick Classification of Clips – Fast classification of video, audio, image, and title clips, greatly reducing clips retrieval time.

Why use VisEDIT?

Smart Folder and Precise Clip Positioning

Locate the clips accurately with a variety of property settings, such as file name, time, format, type, duration, size, frame rate, and resolution.

Rich Effects and Transitions

With more than two hundred effects and transitions, VisEDIT makes film creation more colorful.

Template Instant Preview

Move the mouse cursor onto a transition, effect, title, or element to preview it directly, no need to add them onto timeline.  This greatly improves creativity efficiency.

Multi-Element Combination

Quick combination of multi-type elements, allows the user to instantly enhance the artistic atmosphere of the film.

Powerful Title Editing

Hundreds of built-in title presets at your service.

Seamless XML Interaction

visdom visedit xml

Interact seamlessly with EDIUS, Premiere, and DaVinci via XML file import and export.


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